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Local Christian Organization Seeks to put Food on the Table

A five-mile walk leads him from his makeshift campsite, across town, and into Ithaca’s St. John’s Episcopal Church. It’s a trip he’s been repeating for over ten years. Today is no different from the rest; black sunglasses hide his eyes while a winter hat pulled low over his forehead covers his long brown hair. His face is scabbed, not from drug use, but from malnutrition. At 6 foot 2, he weighs only 135 pounds. The promise of a free meal from Loaves and Fishes quite literally keeps him alive.

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Boris Garage: The Never Ending Wave of Junk

The front door opens, a pungent skunk smell quickly overtaking the usual earthy undertones of the store. It trails behind a young man dressed in head shop chic, he moves slowly and deliberately, a look of bemusement on his face.

Christian’s eyes wander in the man’s direction, who utters a meek, “sorry man” to Christian, acknowledging the obvious.

Fast on his heels is Art, a judge in nearby Candor. He’s a frequent customer and friend of Christians.

“Whoa, what are you doin in here Christian,” he says, cracking a smile as he approaches the glass counter.

Christian lets out a laugh, “It’s the hippies man, I can’t help it.”

“Those damn hippies,” Art jokes back, before turning to look at a low rider bicycle.


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